Developing a course using the web

Recent Developments

Recent developments on the web are rapidly transforming what is possible in the classroom or the distance delivery of ideas and materials that help explain those ideas. Google and other search engines enable students and teachers to instantly look up relevant material to questions that arise during classroom discussions. I have found it absolutely useful to have several students using the web exploring web resources as a discussion proceeds since examples of things that spark their interest can be immediately shared with the rest of the class. Fortunately, this most often supports points I am trying to make, but often also helps correct any guesses I have made that were only close to right. It is also incredibly useful to have access to the web with a screen in the classroom to share these resources as the discussions proceed. Students find the materials interesting and the class becomes very dynamic. There are things that can certainly cause difficulties. The speed of the technology is important. No one wants to sit for minutes waiting for something to load, and if what is used is a video, or music, no one appreciates a slow and choppy presentation. But given a quick link and all technology working well, the usefulness of certain sites has already given me a great sense of success in the classroom. For an interesting take on technology and the mind (for as long as the link lasts) have a look at this Steven Pinker article.

Here are some examples:

Using YouTube Using Google Using Google Earth Using Wikipedia Using web sites in general. Other things to do: Weblog and Facebook in order to communicate with others via the web.

My newest venture: evaluating my pedagogy.

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