Developing a course using the web

Using Google

We now have a verb "to Google" (note that it seems to need to be capitalized to be spelled correctly). It seems sometimes even videos are easier to find on Google than on YouTube.

Using Google Books -- here are some librarians talking about how they use it:


You do have to have a Google account (free) in order to access books. But what you will find will be well worth the few minutes of effort it takes to set up your free account. Again, it seems like the only limit we have here is our own lack of imagination using this wonderful tool. In many of my classroom notes I have begun to include not just the reference to a book I quote but the Google Books link to the page in the book where the quote comes from. For example, here is a page from John Granger's book Looking for God in Harry Potter.

Look me up on Google and you will find many of my pages there! I often find my own pages faster using Google then trying to remember where I have put them. You may also be surprised if you look yourself up on Google. This is called a "Vanity Search".



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