Developing a course using the web

Using YouTube

I have discovered that if I can imagine it and it is appropriate to the discussion there is a video available on YouTube. Not only do these help make powerful points in class they can also easily be shared for distance classes. Issues regarding copyrights and the legitimacy of these materials are beautifully explored in the wiki article:  

A history of the service:

Here an anthropologist explores the new way of making connections:


Here are some of the videos I have found useful so far:

Take this link to a page where I describe video presentations for Logic along with my comments on them.

You can also embed video presentations on your web site. Here are two examples of embedding lists of videos. The first is for philosophy and the second concerns videos on FASD.


My YouTube  Playlists  FASD


Look me up on YouTube and you will even find some of my own videos there!


And then there are responses that others post:




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