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The Examined Life


The lecture notes I have posted in my class notes page that go with Introduction to Philosophy are designed to follow along with my in-class course instead of the Velasquez text and the Nozick book The Examined Life. This page will link the 26 chapter headings with my own notes. Since the main reason I post my notes is so that students that miss a class may get an idea what was covered in class, and the online course makes it possible for students to work at their own convenience, the main reason for me to have notes may seem superfluous.


I intend to use this page to show links to the texts on line that are given in abridged form in the text as well as other pages that are of interest on those topics. I also offer my own notes to pose questions to the interpretations Velasquez makes, since his views are not the only way these issues can be interpreted.


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  There also used to be a set of videos used with the text and these were connected using a guide book. Years ago those videos were dropped because of the additional expense and I replaced them with the book by Robert Nozick. But I still have links available to those interested in that guide here

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