My List of Useful Links

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·        Humanities Forum:

·        Loussac Library:  

·        Alaska's Constitution

· library of Congress and link into legislature

· homepage for Don Young


·        Anchorage:

·        Alaska Pacific University:

·        Alaska Wildlife:

·        American Religion Data Archive:

·        Assembly:

·        Art on the web:

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·        Babbling:

· To translate into other languages

· to use different "dialects" to read things. Go to this site, select a "dialect" and then enter a text site and it will translate the text into the language you selected. Language choices include: Elmer Fudd, Moron, Red Neck, Pig Latin, etc.

·        Biblical Archeology Society:

·        Books, electronic: for a list of electronic books or for great books

·        Bryn Mawr Classical Review:

·        Robert Burns: and

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· Anchorage Alaska

·        Chronicle of Higher Education:

·        Church:

·        Adherents web site: for statistics on world religions

·  Links to works of the Church Fathers including Augustine, Tertulian, and Origen

·        Church History:

·        HTTP://WWW.CCEL.ORG for the Etherial Library at Wheaton.

· for Pope John Paul II's Fides et Ratio

·        Complexity:

·        Conceptual Maps:

· for Washington University Course on World Cultures

·        Cognitive Science: MITECS

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·        Database: digital database for Zeitschrift fuer Papyrologie und Epigraphik

·        is at

·        Desiderata: (or see

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·        Eagle River:

·        Alaska Star:

·        Chamber:

·        Valley River Cinemas (Eagle River):

·        Earth at Night:

·        Education:

·        Episcopalians:

·        Bishop Spong web page:

·        Ethics Updates:

·        Classic texts in Ethics list:

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·        Fractals:

·        Fresh Air:

·        Front Line link to Jesus to Christ show 

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·        Genetics Links:

·        Genome Gateway:

·        German book store on line:

·        Google: (and also see Google Earth)

·        Greeks:

· PBS The Greeks, the Crucible of Civilization

· for genealogy tables of Greek heroes

· for Greek mythology

·        Gutenberg Project:


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·        History:

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·        Imprimis: Hillsdale College’s publication

·        The Internet Society

·        Islam: Faith Freedom Org

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·        Logic:

·        Catholic Encyclopedia on Logic:

· Association for Symbolic Logic web page

· The Logic Group at Stanford University (computer systems and languages)

· for Episteme Logic links

· for Kelley's web tutor

·        Interesting description of logical fallacies

·        Syllogism "machine" to evaluate syllogisms

·        The Logic Daemon to evaluate proofs

·        What is Logic?

·        History of Logic?

·        What is a Venn Diagram?

·        Venn Diagram exercises

·        Lewis Carrol was a mathematician and logician and this is a nice web page of his work

·        Lucas:


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·        Mathematics:

· for great Mathematics quotes

·        Biographies of Mathematicians:

·        Meme Central:

·        Methodists:

·        Center for the Mind:

·        Dictionary of the Philosophy of Mind:

·        MLA: style format guide for on line ref materials in research papers

·        Moses:

·        Murphy's Law

·        Museum of Natural History:

·        Myth: Greek mythology, (thanks to Libby)

· The Joseph Campbell Foundation

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·        Nature:

·        National Education Association:

·        Navajo website:

·        New Republic:

·        Newspapers:

·        Northern Lights:

·        Notre Dame Philosophical Book Reviews:

·        Nussbaum, Martha:


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·        Ontological:

· for a nice summary of Ontological arguments

· - corner for a joke page on the proofs for the existence of God

·        Oriental Institute:


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·        Perseus Project:

· for the overview index and note: Copyright line for Perseus Project use: Crane, Gregory R. (ed.) The Perseus Project,, March 1997. (Change date to date of use)

·        Philosophy in General:

·        Philosophy texts on line source at Hanover

·        James Cullen's page: related news, books, and resources

·        UT Phil dept

· lists of net philosophy links on Yahoo

· WCU's philosophy page

· for the WCU faculty

· for the Ohio State Philosophy web page

· for the philosophical gourmet report!

· U Texas list of resources on the net

· philosophical humor 

· for a nice list of philosophy sites

· for an eclectic set of sites

· for a nice career site 

· careers by major of Brandeis graduates

·        gopher:// for a listing of what philosophy majors are working in what fields from Washington University

·        gopher:// for a nice handout on the relationship of college major to careers

· The English Server at CMU

· Lists of Philosophical works at Free University of Berlin

· Welcome to the Companion Website designed to accompany Welcome to Philosophy by Wolff

·        What can you do with philosophy?

·        Why study philosophy?

·        Sophia list and archives:

· Random House

·        Physics Today: 

·        Planetary Society:

·        Postmodern:

· Postmodern Culture site Johns Hopkins University Press with support from the University of Virginia's Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities

·        Postmodern Generator: (main page at

·        Pragmatism:

·        Presbyterians:

·        Psychology texts on line:

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·        Bartlett’s Quotations:


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·        Reference Desk:

·        Religious Tolerance: Ontario Consultants

·        Reviews:

· for the Bryn Mawr Medieval Review

·        Romans:

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·        Science:

·        The Beagle:

·        BioCarta:

·        The Edge:

·        Popular Science:

·        Scientific American:

·        Main web page:

·        Mapping the universe June 99

·        Science News:



·        American Scientist:

· for the magazine home page

·        The Scientist: on line magazine a U of Penn

·        Enzyme Data Base:

·        Scientists with web pages:

·        UAA Complex Systems events:

· for the home page of Stuart Kauffman -- for refs on current evolutionary theory

·        Particle Swarm:

·        Ricard V. Sole Complexity Theory

· James K. Galbraith article The Beginning of the End

· to James K. Galbraith’s first chapter of “Created Unequal”

· James K. Galbraith’s recent articles. And is his homepage.

· Peter Steven House's web page for math, science and philosophy links.

· E O Wilson Consilience book review.

·        For a summary of a seminar on the mind:

· For summary on consciousness

· For summary of Physics from Fisher Information, New Scientist Jan 99

· for listings of current trials of different medications

· for article in New Scientist about dimensions and energy scales

·        SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) homepage

· for article on entanglement and transport

· for a brief biography of Weinberger

· site with debate over Consilience by Wilson. Debaters include Richard Rorty

· for the link to a mind controlled mouse

· Neuroscience library or just use for first visit

·        Star Wars

·        Supreme Court Decisions:


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·        Theology: Process theology site:

·        Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences:

·        Tolkien:


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·        UA: The University of Alaska main web page

·        UAA:

·        The University of Alaska Press:

·        Blackboard: 

·        Café:

·        Link to the UAA Master Calendar

·        Consortium Library:

· Index and Databases

·        Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

·        United Nations:

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·        West Chester:

·        West Chester University Philosophy Club:

·        West Chester news:

·        Wikipedia:

·        World Resources Institute:


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·        YouTube:


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