William Jamison - Instructor

Introduction to Philosophy - Phil 201

Test 3

Directions: Answer any three of the six numbered questions in three essays. Essays may be as long as you feel necessary, but must be at least 300 words each, and should demonstrate an understanding of the main point of the question and it's relevance for us today. They should be e-mailed to: wsjamison@ALASKA.EDU. I would also appreciate your answer to the bonus question to help me improve the course but it is not required. Avoid plagiarism!

1. Is there any hope for a concept of soul in modern science?

2. Must Christianity change or die?

3. Is modern democracy in trouble?

4. What is the relationship between Pragmatism and American culture?

5. How might modern life be viewed as in debt to Greek and Roman philosophy?

6. What might be a suitable goal for life?

Bonus: How would you improve this course? Would you want your children to take it?

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