William Jamison - Instructor

Introduction to Philosophy - Phil 201

Test 1

Directions: Answer any three of the questions below in three essays. Essays may be as long as you feel necessary, but must be at least 300 words each, and should demonstrate an understanding of the main point of the question and it's relevance for us today. Avoid plagiarism! They should be e-mailed to: wsjamison@ALASKA.EDU.

1. Describe how Socrates "corrupted" the youth of Athens. Would that be considered corrupting youth today?

2. How do we know anything?

3. What sort of things in contemporary art do you find beautiful?

4. How does Aristotle say we should live a virtuous life?

5. What Philosopher we have discussed would you use to give a person guidance in leading a good life? Why do you think this advice would be the best?

6. How might the debate on abortion be best resolved?

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