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For those who look for grades in Blackboard please note that I do not post them there but they should be available on line anyway. If you are very concerned please email me and I can reply with the calculations I used for your grade. If your grade does not look like what you expected please contact me.

For my current schedule please use this link.

I have a FAQ page posted here.

A most frequently asked question before a semester begins is:

The course is full, can you sign me in?

A course fills up quickly once registration begins but there are usually openings before the semester starts or even right as the semester starts as some students that register for it decide to drop it and take something else for one reason or another. I will not know who is actually in the class until I get a hardcopy roster and that will be the first week of the semester. When I look on Blackboard it includes everyone that signed up even if they dropped again right away. Try to register on-line occasionally even up to the first week of the semester and there is a good chance wolf-line will let you in. Many people call to request if they can get in a course and I am not able to call everyone back that leaves a message. You can come to the first class and we will see how many people are supposed to really be there. If there is space I will sign other people in.


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