Syllabus supplement

Term Paper Guide

The Term Paper must meet the following requirements:

  Minimum length is 3,000 words. I do not read or grade papers that do not meet the minimum requirements.

  Four other students, the group selected in class, will help edit the term paper and their names will be included on the paper after the bibliography.

  For Introduction to the Humanities I the topic should be  your analysis of a selected art work. We will discuss the nature of this selection in class and further discuss the type of analysis expected.

  A minimum of three references should be used for research. If web sites are used as references they can be included as links in the paper. Avoid plagiarism!

  Graphics should be included but do not change the minimum word length.

  The paper can be turned in via e-mail or posted to a web page and the link emailed to the instructor. If it is posted to a web page indicate if the address may be shared with the class.

  Since the paper can be presented in various ways there is no requirement concerning the mechanics of the paper. You are encouraged to use your imagination! If you are interested in suggested ways to reference materials on line you can look at this MLA guide. However, I prefer to have a "live" link myself. Using the web for research is still so new that conventions do not seem adequately established. They may never be!

Remember the goal of this project is not only having fun describing a selected art work that you love and choose, but analyzing it to see what it teaches about humanity.

I also have this page --

I do highly recommend joining a group so that you have their feedback in exchange for your comments on their work. This is part of the term paper process and imitates the process a senior thesis might take, or graduate level work.

I realize many of us are quite busy but an educational process also takes time -- short cuts only cheat the one who takes them.




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