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Think of the dialogue as one additional way of discussing things with the others in the class. Since many do not have the chance to meet with one another after class, this electronic tool gives everyone the chance to do that. What would you say to one another about  the topics?

 These will be posted on Blackboard. Note that the links in the topics below should work from this page even though they do not show up on Blackboard, so you should have a look at those from this page before making your comments there.

As far as the instructors' place in the dialogues is concerned: the instructor is supposed to have an occasional presence but make sure not to dominate in this kind of tool. Hmmm. In other words, this is your forum to dialogue with one another and I and Matt should only pop in to correct a serious mistake or remind folks to be civil. I have to admit, there will probably be occasions when I won’t be able to help myself! But for the most part I will just be recording everyone’s level of participation for your course grade. The dialogue participation will count towards 10% of the course grade.


*  Question 1: Introduce yourself to the class.

Please use this first dialogue opportunity to introduce yourself to the class.

*  Question 2: Internet good -- or bad?

Changing the way people think. Is the Wikipedia a good source for information in research writing? Are any Internet sources good for research? Some professors argue that Internet sources should not be used because the information cannot be trusted. Articles that are not peer reviewed can be just bunk. Many articles in the Wikipedia indicate that they are in need of review. Having read Alan's article, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of using Internet articles for research.
(See link to Professor Alan Boraas' article under External Links).

*  Question 3: Forming groups.

How should we form our groups? We should form groups that will be able to meet occasionally at least! Discuss!

*  Question 4: Is art important?

How important would you say art has been in your life?

*  Question 5: 

Is fantasy important? I open this question up to be as broad on the definition of fantasy as you like.

*  Question 6:

*  Question 7:

*  Question 8:

*  Question 9: 

*  Question 10:

*  Question 11:

*  Question 12:


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