Notes on Introduction to the Humanities -- Hum A211

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Lecture 9 Waiting for Superman trailer correct Wiki for Ubermensch

How did we get this way?

but there was  Susan Neiman Selena Gomez A Year without Rain


Schopenhauer and Hegel

(I have posted an article by Terry Pinkard in Blackboard that is just about the best summary of the Phenomenology I know.)

One example of a literal interpretation was “The Coin of Tribute” which I gave first as I remembered the “literal” version – leading to a traditional interpretation but followed up with Robert Funk’s “standard Jewish interpretation” and so pose the question – which interpretation is correct? How could we know?


It seems often a person views an interpretation as the literally correct one when they are simply unaware of what other interpretations there might be. More education – where other interpretations of a text become familiar – lead to the realization that the concept of a “literal meaning” – or perhaps the “New Critics” view is only a method of reinforcing our own interpretation of a text as the only correct one to exclude those interpretations of others.

The logical result of the Protestant Reformation was atheism.


Simon Schama "Rough Crossings"

To Live Ancient Lives

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