Notes on Introduction to the Humanities -- Hum A212

William Jamison - Instructor

Lecture 11

Fractals in art - including African villages:

Sacred Geometry

Madelbrot Set Sinead

Irish books:

Best Image of St John book of Kells

Here is the library page:

Long Room Library

a window on the Middle Ages:

but there is more about the book of Kells here:

Hildegaard von Bingen manuscript: Hammered Dulcimer

Loreena Mckennit Cantiga 119 best example  - but updated instruments feels wrong


By Richard the Lionheart? or the music alone here

The battle of Arsuf: video deleted

video deleted song of the Templars

Brother Sun Sister Moon: but this is the start of the movie here is the best section on Saint Francis

Prayer of Saint Francis:


Reading from Charles Taylor  A Secular Age (winner of the Templeton Prize in 2007) or see: I read the chapter titled The Expanding Universe of Unbelief:

I used this to approach the contrast between C. S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud as described in the book "A Question of God" by Armand Nicholi:

I also mentioned Freud's "The Future of an Illusion"

The third selection, listed first, is a reading from Peter Lawler "Stuck with Virtue".

From these we looked at selections from the art book viewing various pictures on the web matching the text moving from early to late Middle Ages.


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