Favorite Commandments I have received on my TC quiz:

Thou shalt not covet thy wife.

Thou shalt not worship idle gods.

Thou shalt not sleep with thy neighbor.

Thou shall not convent the neighbors wife.

(different student! Thou shalt not convent thou neighbors property (not exactly)

Thou shall not covet with another man's wife.

Don't kill the man.

Thou shalt not accept no other gods above Thyself.

Do not steel.

Thou shalt not give a quiz on the first day of class.

Thou shall harm thy neighbor.

Don't forget the 10 commandments.

Don't piss off the boss.

Don't make Golden Cows.

Don't speed on base.

Love thy neighbor.

Thou shalt not read Philosophy outloud to your co-workers.

Thou shalt not covet other gods.

Pay tithe.

Don't covit neibos wife.

Should not have any idols other than God.

Should not speak false prophecy.

Thou shalt bear false witness.

Thou shalt not have class when it is 25.

Thou shalt not grade this test.

Thou shalt always gut and clean the Hooligans before freezing.

Thou shalt not eat fall bear unless clear away from salmon streams.

Thou shall remember to drain the water tank in the trailer before freezing.

Thou shall embrace duct tape in all its many useful forms.

And last but not least, Thou shall look with disdain at clean SUVs in the winter, knowing that only true Alaskans at heart have no garage!

Class averages 5 commandments correct with over 1,000 tested so far. I have stopped updating the statistics.

Some new ones that I just have to enter:

Thou shalt go to church once a week and by church I don't mean strip club.

Thou shalt not shave in November.

Do not use the Lord's name in vein.

Always feed the dogs.

Read before class.

Also see my suggestion for a revised Ten Commandments. Also see Bertrand Russell's Liberal Decalogue.

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