Freshman Honors Tutorial

HNRS 191, section 001 - Spring 2008

William Jamison

THEME: Offers freshman-level intensive reading, writing, and discussion relating to the content of another course with which it is associated; the associated course varies from term to term.  Students receive additional instruction in interpreting texts recognizing distinctions and explaining them in expository writing, and defending their opinions in class discussion.


The Roots of Romanticism (Paperback) by Isaiah Berlin

The Four Loves (Paperback) by C. S. Lewis

The Anchorage Daily News or alternate daily news sources

Other texts and media supplied


Course grades are based on:

 Three Short Papers



 Final Exam

CLASS: Hours: W 07:00P – 08:00P Room LIB 302a

OFFICE: Administration and Humanities Building Room 261 by appointment or here is my Current Schedule.

Phone: 786-4458 (office), 694-1023 (home), Philosophy Department Secretary 786-4455. The best way to get a message to me is via e-mail. Please feel free to call my home phone. My web page is located at and my e-mail address is wsjamison@UAA.ALASKA.EDU


January 16:

This first meeting includes an introduction to the course and description of course requirements.

First reading to be discussed: Isaiah Berlin "In Search of a Definition" in The Roots of Romanticism.

January 23:  

Isaiah Berlin "The First Attack on Enlightenment" in The Roots of Romanticism

January 30:  Opera night - Il Trovatore

February 6:  extra hour make up

Isaiah Berlin "The True Fathers of Romanticism" in The Roots of Romanticism

February 13:  Polaris Lecture

February 20:  extra hour make up

Isaiah Berlin "The Restrained Romantics" in The Roots of Romanticism

Journals turned in.

Isaiah Berlin "Unbridled Romanticism" in The Roots of Romanticism

February 27:

Isaiah Berlin "The Lasting Effects" in The Roots of Romanticism

March 5:

War Requiem Text

First draft of first short paper due.

March 9-15: Spring Break No classes

First short paper due before break.

March 19:

C. S. Lewis "Introduction" and "Likings and Loves for the Sub-Human" in The Four Loves

March 26:  

C. S. Lewis "Affection" in The Four Loves

Journals turned in.

April 2:   

C. S. Lewis "Friendship"  in The Four Loves

April 9:  Opera night - Don Pasquale

Second short paper due.

April 16:  extra hour make up

C. S. Lewis "Eros"  in The Four Loves

Student speeches

April 23: 

C. S. Lewis "Charity"  in The Four Loves

Student speeches

Journals turned in.

Third short paper due.

April 30:

A Mass for Peace 

Final Exam

This syllabus may be adjusted at any time to meet the class or instructor’s requirements upon one week’s notice to students. 

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